GROWERS RETAIL | Lawrence East

growers retail


The design team of David Visual Interior Design & Branding created a retail environment that resembles a “farmers market”.    Live and active products are visually displayed within enclosed miniature glass green-houses sitting atop naturally adorned wooden tables.   It’s what the design team refers to as, “fresh produce”.  And it doesn’t get any better than that.

Well sculpted millwork serves as the cabinet space specified to showcase some of the great brands found locally and abroad.  Each has their own high-end residency in this premium section of the store.   Each section displays its branded product with all the knowledge necessary to enjoin the supplier and consumer – a true “farm to table” direct approach.

Adhering to the organic theme of Growers Retail, floor and wall designs are limited to natural woods, concrete and terrazzo material finishes, including a span of exposed wood trusses and beams mimicking a traditional greenhouse farm.   Adorning these beams with hanging plants, both live and artificial, the outdoor atmosphere comes inside to bring comfort, warmth and enlightenment.

It's more than just weed.